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Software Engineering Mix

Posted on March 7, 2008. Filed under: shop talk, Software Development |

A good software engineering project is like a good recipe for gorp, or trail mix for all you non-hippies. You’ve got your sweet sugar-rush components (M&Ms or dried fruits), your long-lasting savory bits (nuts and seeds), and your semi-sweet-yet-savory bits (raisins). No matter how big your sweet tooth is, if you just eat the M&Ms you won’t make it very far down the trail. The salty-savory nuts will sustain you, but most people tire of eating just nuts the whole time. You could go for the simpler recipe of just including the middle option, the raisins, but eating enough raisins to give you the energy to get down the trail is likely to give you the runs. And that’s no fun either.

You need the mixture.


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Blog Post Writing Workflow

Posted on December 18, 2007. Filed under: blogging, shop talk |

07-12-17 Writing Workflow

When writing a blog post, my system (nascent as it is) uses several interesting technologies. This blog posting will discuss what I am using today, why I chose this particular technology stack, and what works / doesn’t work about it.

Updated 2007-12-20: Additional notes appended to the Scrivener and Graphics sections.


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