About Tom Dibble

Hey there. I’m your host here, and the solely responsible party for all you might read in this blog.

I’m a software engineer by trade, and engineering manager by happenstance.  You’ll find that many of my posts here concern one of those topics or the other.  In my free time, I enjoy amateur photography and videography, so you’ll also see these topics covered in my postings.

I classify myself as fairly liberal politically, an avid Mac user, and a member of the LDS church.  Just so you know.

I am not the same Tom Dibble who founded Global Wireless Forum and/or Eurowireless. I’m also not the Tom Dibble who acted in “Steal Big, Steal Little”. I’m not one of the first settlers of Connecticut. I’m not related in any known way to any Rob who played for Cincinnati. In fact, most likely, if there’s a Tom Dibble you’re thinking of, I’m probably not it. That having been said, I have met and talked with a few people over the years, so there is the odd chance that I really am the one you are thinking of. Feel free to look around here until that possibility has been eliminated!

My family web page is also available if you really want to get to know me better, and all politics go into my “sister” blog, Tom’s Issues.


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Nah, yer that Tom Dibble. Still world famous in WPI dorm legend. No confusion on my part 🙂


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